Developing Literacy K-2

Reading & Enrichment

Lots of fun reading in all sorts of interesting categories: cartoons, graphic novels, puppet stories as well as phonics based readers, a joke machine, puzzles, projects, poems and special Language Arts lessons.

Each letter of the alphabet has its own lesson. Children are taught to recognize and write the letter.
Zip Stage: 1


Four traditional tales told with puppets and four cartoons starring the adventurous Wendy. All with voiceover and text onscreen.
Zip Stage: 3


Graphic novel retellings of famous stories like Sleeping Beauty or Peter Pan.
Zip Stage: 4

Timeless Tales

Amusing stories teaching the basic phonic families - short vowels, long vowels, etc. All stories have animations and text highlighting.
Zip Stages: 1-2

Easy Readers

More complex texts for children who can read at a basic level - fantasy, people stories, traditional tales and fun facts.
Zip Stage: 3

Junior Readers

An endless joke ‘machine’ - click and read, read and laugh.
Zip Stages: 1-4

Joke in a Box

Interactive language and thinking puzzles - drag and drop, wonderword, story sequencing, memory tests and more.
Zip Stages: 4-7

Puzzle Palace

Traditional poems - from simple texts like Old Mother Hubbard - up to highly complex classics like the Pied Piper.
Zip Stages: 4-10

Rhyme Time

A library of do-it-yourself projects - paper dolls, origami, finger puppets, cartooning - all with step by step instructions.
Zip Stages: 4-8

Make and Do

Videos of three puppet plays, plus a behind the scenes special feature and a puppet making workshop.
Zip Stage: 1

Puppet Plays

Lessons explicitly teaching major topics of the English curriculum - reading, writing and oral language - all with classroom activities.
All year levels

Language Arts Lessons (LAL)

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