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How To Help Reluctant Readers Succeed In School This Year

Children who are reluctant readers may have a variety of obstacles on their path to literacy. Some children may not feel confident at school, others may have learning disabilities, and some may simply not find reading fun.

The 2020 school year will raise even more challenges for parents and their children. With less face-to-face instruction from teachers – and some children studying full time from their homes – reluctant readers will need extra resources to stay fully engaged.

What can you do to help your child develop into a skilled reader? Here are two tips for helping reluctant readers succeed in school this year.

1. Make Reading Fun With Audiobooks And Literacy Games

Ziptales is a new online language arts tool created by teachers to enhance children’s reading and writing skills. If offers a ‘blended’ learning solution to the challenge of literacy.

When children can read, even at a ‘beginner’ level, the key task is to keep them motivated and excited by the desire to read. Ziptales is proven to make reading an enjoyable experience with audiobooks and literacy games, and to raise skill levels.

We offer a wide variety of genres - that is, stories with different styles. These may include cartoons, puppet plays, graphic novels, adventure, animal stories, comedy, fairy tales, fantasy, mystery, myths, people stories, scary stories, true stories and even ‘yucky’ stories. Whatever your child’s taste, they will find fun stories in the Ziptales library.

2. Give Children A Choice In What They Read

Children appreciate being given some independence in their learning. A strong strategy for engaging reluctant readers is allowing them a choice of what to read. This way, they feel ownership of the task assigned to them.

Just as many children enjoy picking out their own lunchbox or backpack for school, they feel empowered by choosing. Choice in what to read helps to motivate students by allowing them to pursue their interests.

When your child has Ziptales, they can choose from 600 modules of educational content in a wide variety of genres. You may be amazed by how quickly they take to reading.

Ziptales is an online elementary school language arts library designed for school and home use. Ziptales has been a leader in the field of online language arts for more than 15 years. It is based on the latest research about how children develop and sustain a love of reading. To learn more about Ziptales, visit


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