Ziptales for Teachers

Ziptales is an online Language Arts library, created by teachers, to advance a love of reading.

It is a complete package for all elementary Language Arts needs, covering:


300+ stories, poems, puzzles and other cognitive-training content


Explicit teaching of ‘How to write’ major genre types


Voiceovers for all stories, teaching essential speaking skills

Ziptales helps students succeed in an academic setting, with:

Explicit Teaching

of all major English topics - 150 lessons across all levels


in Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Comprehension (56 lessons)

Curriculum Alignment

direct mapping to the Common Core Standards curriculum

Ziptales handles 3 separate levels of child literacy

That's a total of 600+ modules, covering all Language Arts needs from Kindergarten through to Grade 6 and beyond!

The large Ziptales ‘library’ has been built up carefully over 15 years to offer the very best content for students K-6. Specially-commissioned stories have been arranged in genre categories at different levels of readability to match all levels in the elementary school.

Ziptales offers a 10 stage reading scheme, aligned to Reading Recovery, Lexiles and Flesch. A reading diagnosis engine offers, in just five minutes, a way of placing a child in the correct level of reading.

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