Whole School / Single Class License (1 Year):

as low as $5 per student.

Ziptales offers whole school licenses, providing complete access for every student throughout the school to all our content.
Fees are determined by the school's student population, only count primary age students.
Secondary schools have a special price, where it is used for Learning Support, ESL and Special Needs.

Ziptales offers special prices for large volume schools.

If you want to subscribe for 2000 or more students, please send us your information and we will send you an adjusted price.

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Included in your subscription:

Each school is given a unique ‘single login’ for instant access. This is used by all teachers and students to connect to Ziptales.

A Home Reading Program (access to the Ziptales Student Dashboard and all stories) is available for free as part of your subscription. A separate login is provided for this home use version.

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