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Encourage Your Reluctant Readers

Does your child struggle to read well? Do they seem hesitant to practice their reading skills? You might have a reluctant reader. A reluctant reader is usually a student who struggles with reading well and is often embarrassed about it. Here are some ways you can encourage your reluctant reader!

Reassure Them

When it comes to reluctant readers, they often need extra reassurance when they attempt to read. This is because their struggle makes them lack confidence, so the best thing you can do as a parent is reassure them that they will learn at their own pace: and that’s ok.

Work With Them

Strengthening literacy stills can be a difficult solitary activity for children who struggle to read, that’s why it is important for parents to be near and to work through any questions your child may have.

Make Practice Fun

Lastly, the best way to encourage a reluctant reader is to make the reading fun! An easy way to do that is with Ziptales! Ziptales is an online language arts tool that incorporates video and audio components to our digital library, along with comprehension quizzes to make the learning experience fun for every child.

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