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Get In The Halloween Spirit With Ziptales

Picking up a spooky story is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, but student readers often struggle to find themed books that are also appropriate for their age level, and reluctant readers struggle even further to find stories that match their reading comprehension level.

So, if your reluctant reader is looking for something spooky to read this Halloween season, look no further!

Ziptales has tons of fun and interactive “scary” stories that are age-appropriate for students from third through sixth grade! Our library is full of stories that suit the age level and the reading level of the child to keep them engaged and learning throughout the reading session. In this set of spooky stories, we also include comprehension quizzes to help your student reader engage further with the material and strengthen their reading skills.

Some of our spooky stories include:

  • The Bogeyman
  • A Ghost Story
  • In Your Sleep
  • Mad Tom
  • The Toy Dragon
  • The Graveyard Ghost
  • A Monster at the Window
  • There’s a Train Coming

If your reluctant reader is looking for something a little bit less spooky, Ziptales has tons of stories in varying genres and difficulty levels for them to explore! We also have stories and lessons for younger student readers as well.

Ziptales is an online language arts library specifically designed for student readers who struggle with reading comprehension and writing skills. Ziptales was created by teachers to enhance children’s reading and writing skills through a blended learning solution. Our extending literacy program specifically focuses on lessons and activities for readers that are academically engaging, as well as interactive and fun. This creates the perfect environment for your child to learn.

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