Literacy Is The Key To Success

The best way to secure your child’s path to success is through strong reading skills. Literacy opens doors in education and beyond for those who take the time to master it. Keep reading to learn three ways literacy will help your student reader succeed!

1. Advanced Vocabulary

The more your child reads, the more advanced their vocabulary will become. This will help them later on when it comes to tests, essay writing, and in their professional life. The more advanced your vocab, the more intelligently you can communicate with others.

2. Improved Communication

That leads to our next point, improved communication! Reading, especially dialogue, helps student readers to understand the natural flow of conversation and improves their communication skills. They can also pick up conflict resolution strategies from books that teach morals and life lessons.

3. Improved Writing Skills

Reading and writing go hand in hand. The more your child reads and comes to understand correct sentence structure and syntax, the better they will be able to translate that into their own writing.

These are great advantages, but what if your child is a reluctant reader? How do you actually get your reluctant reader to start their literacy journey? Try Ziptales. Ziptales is an online language arts website offering teaching and learning tools for students and teachers at all levels of the elementary school. Ziptales was created by teachers to enhance children’s reading and writing skills.

We have everything you could want when reading matters most! Get started with Ziptales today. To learn more, visit


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