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Ziptales makes reading fun!

Ziptales is a new online language arts website offering teaching and learning tools for students and teachers at all levels of the elementary school. Ziptales was created by teachers to enhance children’s reading and writing skills. It offers a ‘blended’ learning solution to the challenge of literacy.
When children can read, even at a "beginner" level, the key task is to keep them motivated and excited by the desire to read. Ziptales is proven to make reading an enjoyable experience, and to raise skill levels.

We have everything you could want when reading matters most!

“I’m a great advocate of Ziptales, as I have seen children who hate reading suddenly transformed into avid readers. I have seen children with problem behaviors suddenly improve and become proud of their reading.”

“The children love it. It certainly gets them interested in reading. Kids who are anti-reading don’t like to pick up a book, but Ziptales gives us a different way to present reading which they accept readily.”

“I really like Ziptales, because it motivates our students who were somewhat behind in their reading. These students need interesting content, but with a level of text that they can manage. Ziptales gives them that.”

“A fabulous resource.”

Ziptales caters to children!

Ziptales is built on the concept of genres - that is, stories with a wide range of different styles. It offers cartoons, puppet plays, graphic novels, adventure, animal stories, comedy, fairy tales, fantasy, mystery, myths, people stories, scary stories, true stories and even ‘yucky’ stories. All tastes and needs are catered for.

We offer over 600 modules of educational content.

Our library is separated into 3 branches of educational levels.

Literacy (K-2)
Literacy (3-6)

Ziptales includes:

Easy Access

A single login, easy navigation, and easy access for all students and teachers.

Reading Programs

Individualized reading programs, using a unique 10-stage reading scheme.

Common Core

Common Core State standards correlated to all Ziptales content.

Valuable Content

Age-appropriate stories designed for children, that encourage good values.

Constant Teaching

Over 200 targeted mini-lessons, teaching key Language Arts concepts and skills.

Rich Library

Over 300 rich, original stories, suitable for both struggling and highly able students.

Ziptales is a fabulous resource for:

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